With enough beaches to satisfy the most demanding tourists the town also boasts surf breaks, such as Cabedelo, Buarcos and the longest right break in Europe in Cabo Mondego, which are some of the best in Europe. An ideal combination for new and experienced surfers who want to use their vacation time to its full potential.



Nestled at mouth of the River Modego, you'll find Figueira da Foz roughly halfway between Porto and Lisbon on the Atlantic Coast of Portugal.
Translated the town’s name means Fig Tree at the River mouth. The population of this lively beachside town swells to almost double its size in the summer months of July and August wen holidaymakers descend on Figueira da Foz to lie on Europe’s widest beach and enjoy the sights and nightlife of the town. Out of season, moderate temperatures, a beach so vast and uncluttered with people it is practically private and great swells rolling through a wide variety of surf breaks make Figueira an appealing year-round destination.
Still relatively undiscovered by holidaymakers, Figueira da Foz maintains its distinctively Portuguese atmosphere and has not succumbed to the rising prices and Anglicised menus that you´ll find in more popular holiday destinations.



The quickest way to get here is to fly into Lisbon (LIS) or Porto (OPO). You can take a train or bus from the airport, what ever suits you better.

Don't be shy, contact us, send your flight details and we will setup the best, fastest and most comfortable option for you. Remember, you can spend hours on-line and use all the technology you want, but nothing beats good old school local knowledge.

If your logistic is driving you insane, don't worry, bring you heaviest surfboard bag, all the luggage you can think off, your pet or your mother in law. We can also arrange a shuttle service according to your requirements.


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