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At the table with a Portuguese traditional flavour.

You will probably pay no attention to it as you drive by and even if you do, it doesn't have the appeal of the tourist oriented restaurant inviting you in. Those who go to Café Rodrigues are usually taken by a regular client or follow the recommendation of a friendly local. It's well worth it. With an average of 10 eur menus, sometimes even less, you get a taste of the real home made traditional Portuguese food. Don't be shy, be brave to try more daring flavours like octopus or salted cod and some courses that you probably better not know what it is, just go for it and make sure you follow it with some red wine or "vinho verde". Home made food, just like mum used to make. Well,.. mine at least. You can't find it with an app on your smart phone, online map or even on any restaurant guide and it has no website. You will have to go old school on this one. Adress: Rua D. Maria 96, 3080-232 Buarcos - Figueira da Foz

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