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Surf camp host

July to September 2021

Your job would be to work as a surf camp host. It is a very small camp in a family environment with a highly personalised approach working with very small groups. It requires dedication and attention. It sounds like a lot of work but it is actually quite relaxed and you still get a lot of free time for surfing. You would be expected to:

  • Push house keeping into its next evolutionary stage

  • Be a friendly presence to our guests

  • Occasionally assist a surf coach (if you wish to develop surf teaching skills)

Terms of employment:

  • Accommodation and food included (and hips of ice cream )

  • Free to use all the surf equipment

  • Free surf tutoring/guide

  • Weekly salary

  • Excellent English skills are essential

If you are looking for a surf camp cliché get wasted party job, please don't reply this post, you will be disappointed. It's all about surfing. If you think you are the right person for the job, don't be shy, drop us a line with your motivation.

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