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Surf camp munchies.

At the Figueira Surf Center we try to eat mostly locally grown fruits and vegetables in order to reduce the carbon footprint and support local and smaller businesses. For this same reason we serve mainly fruits and vegetables that are in season. Our breakfasts are as healthy as you want them to be, and will enable you to surf all day if you wish to do so. Fresh fruits, yogurt with cornflakes, pancakes, porridge, bread fresh from the bakery, and when you’re lucky baked bananas; during your stay you may enjoy them all, since we try to change things up day to day.

When you join us for dinner you will be amazed by the mainly vegetarian and often typical Portuguese dishes as prepared for you by the local chef. The food is sure to help you recover and refuel after an intense day of surfing. So we may have fresh fish on the BBQ or a fish pie in the oven, served with salad; chili or curry with all the vegetables in season with tortilla’s or traditional prepared rice. All meals are served with wine or beer and they are concluded with a tasty dessert.

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