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Surf coaching


The best surfer is the one having fun. There are no good surfers and no bad surfers, only different people with different objectives at different stages of their evolution. In surfing you learn something new every day for the rest of your life. It's always easier if you can get some extra help. You can now book a coaching program, created to fit your level and skills, and most of all, personalised to your objectives.

Surf Camp Packages: Day Camp

September to June

1 person - 98 eur

2 persons - 155 eur

3 persons - 218 eur

4 persons - 272 eur

July & August

1 person - 108 eur

2 persons - 172 eur

3 persons - 243 eur

4 persons - 302 eur

Surf Camp Packages: Projects
Surf Camp Packages: Our Programs
  • Maximum number of participants per surf coaching session: 4

  • 3 hours per session

  • Includes hotel shuttle to the beach.

  • All surf sessions include all the equipment (surfboards & wetsuits) when necessary.

  • All surf sessions must be booked in advance to allow us to plan the sessions always in the best possible conditions to guarantee quality tutoring and safety.

Surf Camp Packages: Projects
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